Dear Parents,

    WAVE, a premier coaching Institute operating in different parts of the country, is a unit of WAVE - IIT & Medical. Over a period of nearly a decade and a half we have earned an excellent reputation for being the most trusted brand in the industry owing to our quality, commitment, professionalism and a result oriented approach. We have a very clear mandate of providing the best quality of education to our students in a highly congenial and competitive environment. As a result we are the fastest growing brand in the country.

    A thorough survey by our team of experienced members in many parts of the country motivated us to contemplate about students who are ambitious, talented and needy but may not be able to attend regular professional coaching due to various reasons. They however, need to get the best assistance in terms of study material and expert guidance. The best brains in the country with proven academic prowess and experience relentlessly worked together for a long time and created well researched study materials which can be used by students joining the synchronised program.

    The study materials developed, keeping the latest patterns of CBSE as well as other competitive exams, are equally essential for those who join our coaching class / any other coaching class and those who do not join any coaching class. The material is reasonably priced so that a large number of students across the country can derive the best benefit.

    The obvious advantage of the synchronised course is that students joining the course save a lot of time in commuting and utilize the time in self study. They will get professional guidance at their door step without any compromise with the quality of training.

    Each member of WAVE family is carefully selected and has proven track record of excellence, competence, commitment and professional integrity. They are endowed with the two most desirable qualities - enthusiasm and high morale that can help generate new spirit and ensure success. With these strengths we have been successful in operating in areas where others do not dare to venture. Assuring you of our sincerity, dedication and quality.
    I am sure you will continue to support us in our endeavor.

    Wishing you the best of Luck.
    With Warm Regards
    Gp. Capt. Bimal Kumar (Retd.) 
    M.D. WAVE – IIT & Medical